Deborah Peart

As an elementary educator for more than 30 years, and a lead curriculum writer for Illustrative Mathematics’ K-5 curriculum, Deborah believes that all students can learn and enjoy mathematics. She has dedicated her career to helping other educators approach teaching in innovative ways that allow students to see themselves as valued contributors to the study of elementary mathematics.  

Now based in Clearwater, Florida, Deborah taught in New York City for 6 years before spending the next 14 years in private independent schools in Greenwich, CT and Atlanta, GA. She also delivers math professional development and supports teachers and students through SEL workshops. Deborah has presented at many math conferences across the country. She has also written for Edutopia, and Creative Teaching and Learning Magazine.

She sees her work with IM as an extension of her philosophy that hard work should pay off, and an opportunity to level the playing field for all students by helping provide access to great mathematics instruction.

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