Could you—or someone you know—be our newest IM Certified Facilitator? The Critical Role of IM Certified Facilitators.

“What I find distinguishes IM is that IM Certified Facilitators are uniquely supported by the IM authoring team to ensure the integrity of the curriculum remains intact.”

By Kiana Porter-Isom

I was always interested in mathematics as a student but I only began enjoying mathematics when I was in high school. Until then, I didn’t think it was something I could get excited about. Now, as an educator and as the Manager of IM Certified Facilitators at Illustrative Mathematics, I am seeing first-hand how teachers are enabling students to embrace and enjoy mathematics and be enthusiastic learners from their first interaction with mathematics. This is why I was drawn to IM—for their mission to create a world where learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics. 

IM’s problem-based curriculum is a crucial component in developing engaged, knowledgeable, and skilled mathematics learners, however, curriculum alone is not enough. As IM’s Co-Founder and President William McCallum wrote in Learning Through Teaching, “Although I am proud of the curriculum we produced, the impact comes not from the curriculum alone but the commitment of a community of teachers passionate about student learning.” The IM Certified Facilitator (IMCF) team directly works with and supports these educator communities.

What I find distinguishes IM is that IM Certified Facilitators are uniquely supported by the IM authoring team to ensure the integrity of the curriculum remains intact. When districts and schools receive IM Professional Learning by an IM Certified Facilitator, they receive the guidance and support as intended by the IM authors that is deeply aligned to the curriculum.

My work as the Manager for IM Certified Facilitators is to ensure we provide a high-quality and unique IM Certified Facilitator journey and IM Certified experience to educators implementing the IM K–12 curriculum. We start with our IM Certified framework which ensures that IM Certified Facilitators bring districts:

  1. Deep knowledge and application of the content standards and mathematics practice standards of the IM curricula
  2. Confidence in educators facilitating IM Certified problem-based curriculum lessons while promoting student discourse and conceptual understanding 
  3. Membership in a community of educators committed to creating a world where learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics 

Working with the IM Certified Facilitator team is incredibly fulfilling because I get to connect with an amazingly talented group of educators who share my enthusiasm for mathematics. The community of IMCFs is proud to be leaders in mathematics, education, and professional learning. 

Are you—or someone you know—interested in joining IM in our mission and our IM Certified Facilitator community? 


We’re currently looking for passionate and knowledgeable K–5 educators to join our diverse community of IM Facilitators to support IM K–5 Math. 

IM Certified Facilitators:

  • earn extra income by facilitating IM K–5 Math-aligned professional learning in their region
  • join a diverse and active community of facilitators who enhance and share their skills and strategies in mathematics education
  • change the conversation in mathematics classrooms where student discourse is encouraged to make connections, develop conceptual understanding, and explain reasoning
  • support a mission to create a world where learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics

“As an IMCF, I’m excited and honored to bring alive the vision of IM. The partnerships and connections allow me to pursue my passion and also deepen my professional knowledge.”

Atiya Harmon, IM Certified Facilitator

We value diversity in work experience, perspectives, backgrounds, and beliefs. All are encouraged to apply, especially teachers from Title I schools, people of color, and  professionals with experience in urban schools.

To learn more about becoming an IM Certified Facilitator, click here. We are currently especially interested in receiving applications from elementary teachers. 

Kiana Porter-Isom
Manager of IM Certified Facilitators
Illustrative Mathematics

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Do you want to become an IM Certified Facilitator? I encourage you to apply! You will be joining a fantastic and supportive cohort of talented peers and leaders in mathematics education. Learn more

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